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Keeping Your Flower Bulbs and Garden Safe Essay - 533 Words

Growing spring flowers from bulbs can be a rewarding venture that improves your gardens aesthetic interest. That is, if the bulbs ever reach the flowering stage. If rabbits frequent your property, your hard work might be in vain. With their sharp teeth, these uninvited intruders can viciously nibble the emerging buds off various bulbs and destroy your garden. There are various things you can do to protect your spring flowers from these deceptively cute critters. Plant Undesired Bulbs Planting rabbit-resistant bulbs in your garden can keep the nibbling intruders at bay. Spring flowering bulbs that rabbits dislike include ornamental onion (Allium spp.), Daffodil (Narcissus spp.), which thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant†¦show more content†¦Bury the bottom of the fence 10 inches deep, making sure to bend it a few inches outward in a L-shape to keep rabbits from digging their way into your garden. (See References 4) Try Other Methods Other methods that you might want to try to keep rabbits from eating your spring flowers can include allowing a dog or cat to roam the garden. Flashing lights and noise-making devices might also keep the critters at bay, but isnt guaranteed to work, and unless ultrasonic, the noise can be bothersome to nearby neighbors. The unpleasant prickly texture of evergreen limbs of a Christmas tree, placed on the soil where your bulbs are buried, can also keep rabbits away. (See References 5, p. 107) Key Concepts †¢ rabbits eat flowers †¢ protecting spring flowers †¢ flower bulb protection †¢ keep rabbits out References †¢ †¢ Penn State Extension: Critter Resistant Spring Flowering Bulbs [] †¢ The Old Farmers Almanac: Gardeners Guide to Bulbs [] †¢ Hicks Nurseries: Protecting plants and Bulbs from Critters [] †¢ UC IPM Online: Rabbits [] †¢ Home Gardeners Problem Solver; Denny SchrockShow MoreRelatedClean and Green7078 Words   |  29 Pagesin your house can reduce indoor air pollutants by more than half. Great choices are English ivy and peace lilies, which absorb toxic gases like benzene and formaldehyde. Just be sure that if you have pets and/or small children that you opt for plants that are not poisonous. Never flush your old medications. In almost everyone’s medicine cabinet there is expired medications. But whatever you do, do not flush them! That puts them into the water, which can be dangerous. Instead inquire at your pharmacyRead MoreRooms Division Operation Management21324 Words   |  86 Pagesvariation of results, which will be not uniformed. The standard Operating procedures also help to have a better effectiveness of using materials, which will help to have a better lifespan of the materials. It also helps the staff to use the materials in a safe way thus ensuring the health and safety of the staff working with. * Control Mechanism Control mechanism in housekeeping is the way that the work is being controlled. Every task is controlled and this is by the help of checklists. The hotels haveRead MoreRooms Division Operation Management21324 Words   |  86 Pagesvariation of results, which will be not uniformed. The standard Operating procedures also help to have a better effectiveness of using materials, which will help to have a better lifespan of the materials. It also helps the staff to use the materials in a safe way thus ensuring the health and safety of the staff working with. * Control Mechanism Control mechanism in housekeeping is the way that the work is being controlled. Every task is controlled and this is by the help of checklists. The hotels haveRead MoreMunicipal Solid Waste in Our Locality6282 Words   |  26 Pagesfacilities and plants that process and dispose of garbage, it still contributes to the well-being of our lives. There are many ways in which solid waste can be treated, and thanks to modernized practices and technological advancement, these methods are very safe and practical. Page |9 What is Solid Waste ? Solid waste means any garbage, refuse, sludge from a wastewater treatment plant, water supply treatment plant, or air pollution control facility and other discarded materials including solid, liquid,Read MoreHow Current Health and Safety Legislation, Policies and Procedures Are Implemented in Setting21540 Words   |  87 Pagescare required by Ofsted, the Early Years Foundation Stage and the NCMA.   Each childminder must ensure that they provide high quality childcare, within a positive, safe and happy environment.   Childminders are responsible for planning and preparing a programme of play based activities and in the completion of all relevant record keeping, paperwork and administration. Responsibilities and Duties All Childminders have a responsibility to promote and demonstrate a high level of professionalismRead Moresafety and sanitation in the kitchen Essays7609 Words   |  31 Pageswhenever you use or store them. 7. When possible use a kitchen tool, not your hands to complete tasks. 8. Wipe up spills immediately. Keep the floor dry so that no one slips and falls. 9. Get a fire extinguisher and first aid kit for your kitchen. Sanitation is the process of handling food in ways that are clean and healthy. 1. Wash your hands before handling food and after handling meat or poultry. 2. Repeatedly wash your hands when necessary especially after coughing, sneezing or using theRead MoreThe Incredible And Sad Tale Of Innocent Erendira And Her Heartless Grandmother16345 Words   |  40 Pagestalcum powder on her face, bright red lipstick on her mouth, rouge on her cheeks, musk on her eyelids, and mother-of-pearl polish on her nails, and when she had her decked out like a larger than life-size doll, she led her to an artificial garden with suffocating flowers that were like the ones on the dress, seated her in a large chair that had the foundation and the pedigree of a throne, and left her listening to elusive records on a phonograph that had a speaker like a megaphone. While the grandmotherRead MoreCleaning Support Portfolio - Hotel Management12907 Words   |  52 PagesPieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces 244 240 125 50 68 30 25 80 40 4 1 3 2 2 1 9 8 9 6 15 18 4 3 5 20 33 50 40 38 80 24 12 40 30 6 7 10 8 2 8 2. As FB manager your duty is to report to your managing director. One of your objectives given by your manager is to reduce the amount of breakages, so make a proposal of three options which will resolve the amount of breakages. a. Knowledge of which rack to use with which cutlery, glasses and plates is fundamentalRead MoreAmpalaya Cupcake15271 Words   |  62 Pagesquestions by encircling your best choice. 1.) Does your business willing to sell cupcakes particularly made up of Ampalaya, also called as bitter melon? a. Yes b. No 2.) Have you already chosen supplier for cupcakes? a. Yes b. No 3.) What quality are you looking to purchase cupcakes from a supplier? a. Taste c. Aesthetic b. Price d. Others (Pls. specify) _______________ 4.) Approximately, how much are you are you willing to spend to purchase cupcakes from your supplier per monthRead MoreSushi Retraurant Business Plan Essay12316 Words   |  50 Pagesthe food. This uncertainty sparked my idea that customers should be able to watch their sushi be made for them. Not only would this be entertaining, but it would clear up the question of safe, fresh sushi being served. My idea for the Shifuku Sushi Bar incorporates the feel of Subway food preparation while keeping the eatery chic and comfortable with Japanese designs. Basically, I imagined walking into a Subway only to find itamae’s rolling sushi and steaming rice. I believe the idea of having carry-out

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A Comparison of Contemporary American Notions of...

People who are viewed as happy in our culture today are also seen as being rich, having a loving family, and a great occupation. Our society is attracted to material things, rather than spiritual ones. Can a person who does not have many possessions and an elevated social position still live a happy life? Epicurus believed that each one of us could achieve true happiness, and our only problem is that we stubbornly search for it in all the wrong places. Epicurus states that we only need three things to be happy besides the essentials needed for survival: friends, freedom, and an analyzed life. I will be comparing contemporary American notions of happiness to the Epicurean view. In our contemporary American life we have the†¦show more content†¦We are searching for happiness in the wrong places, and need to develop into a more simple society. If expensive things cannot bring us joy then why are we so drawn toward them? The logical explanation is that expensive possessions seem like a plausible solution to needs we do not understand. There are so many Americans who look happy on their exterior, but live with sadness and sorrow and who comfort themselves with material items. Before deeply thinking about happiness I figured that all wealthy people are happy, because they have the means to buy anything they desire. However, I have met very wealthy people who live very unhappy lifestyles. According to Epicurus we need three things to be happy and they include friendship, freedom, and an analyzed life. A wealthy person, who has no family and friends, will never truly be happy, until they have some personal connection with others. Epicures’ first ingredient to happiness is friendship. He compared eating a meal alone to the lifestyle of a lion or a wolf, and he tells us that we should focus on who we dine with rather then what we are eating to bring us joy. A rich person can buy expensive dishes that might bring that person a pleasurable taste while indulging, but if that person is eating alone in silence the experience may not be as enjoyable. Wealthy people may appear to have many friends who they think they can trust, but fame and fortune can attract the type of people who cannot be trusted. Just because youShow MoreRelatedSources of Ethics20199 Words   |  81 Pagescode of ethics: 102 RESPONSIBILITIES OF A PROFESSIONAL: 102 3.0- CONCLUSION: 105 4.0-REFFERENCES 106 1.0- JOHN STEINER AND GEORGE STEINER SIX PRIMARY SOURCES OF ETHICS: Six primary sources have been identified in the American business area by ethics scholars George and john steiner as under: 1- Religion: The great world religion as we hav seen are: †¢ Judaism †¢ Christianity †¢ Islam The business people in this religion believe that theirRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesSelf-Assessment Library What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score? 115 An Ethical Choice Schadenfreude 120 Point/Counterpoint Sometimes Blowing Your Top Is a Good Thing 122 Questions for Review 121 Experiential Exercise Who Can Catch a Liar? 123 Ethical Dilemma Happiness Coaches for Employees 123 Case Incident 1 Is It Okay to Cry at Work? 124 Case Incident 2 Can You Read Emotions from Faces? 124 S A L S A L 5 Personality and Values 131 Personality 133 What Is Personality? 133 †¢ The Myers-Briggs

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The Effects Of Urbanization, Industrialization, And...

In 1892, The University of Chicago became the first university in the United States of America to establish a department of sociology (Panzarella Vona, 2013). Within a couple of years, the University of Chicago would become the leading university in developing criminal theories. The top professors of the sociology department studied in France and Germany where there is an emphasis placed on the social influence in human behavior by using official records, such as court and welfare records, as well as individual case histories (Panzarella Vona, 2013). During the early 1900s, researchers from the University of Chicago wanted to explore the effects of urbanization, industrialization, and immigration on patterns of social organization in Chicago neighborhoods (Kurbin, 2010). Many researchers, such as Ernest Burgess and Robert Park, had explored the effects of urbanization, industrialization and immigration in Chicago neighborhood; however, crime was not a main focus of study. This woul d later change when researchers Clifford R. Shaw and Henry D. McKay, from the University of Chicago, started their research on social organization. Clifford R. Shaw had earned a M.A in sociology at the University of Chicago in 1921(Panzarella Vona, 2013). After he graduated from University of Chicago, he continued with his doctoral studies. However, Shaw did not complete the doctoral program. Shaw would later work as a parole officer for the Illinois State Training School for Boys. FollowingShow MoreRelatedSocial Disorganization Theory By Shaw And Mckay1058 Words   |  5 Pageslead them to crimes. More precisely, certain characteristics of the neighborhood/community will strengthen or weaken the informal social control within the community, and this has mediating effect on crimes. In 1925, Park et al. published a study of the city of Chicago, focused on its industrialization and urbanization. They found out that the industrialization changed labor, economics and adolescence of the youngers. The immigration who came to the city were composed by not only foreigners from theRead MoreWhat Causes A City For Urbanize?1783 Words   |  8 Pagesto the urbanization of cities, such as, an increase in population, a growth in trade, and the creation of a capitalist system- just to name a few. Another question that may be conjured up is, what is the result of urbanization? On October 4, 2014 I was able to take a trip to Chicago, Illinois with my urban sociology class. Not only did we drive through multiple neighborhoods looking at urban concentrations, growth poles, suburbanization and much more. Two distinct effects of urbanization in theRead MoreProgressives And The Progressive Era1253 Words   |  6 Pagesand activism. In addition, the progressive era, was a time of development of new reforms and changes for America. Progressivism handles a wide range of problems and struggle for America. Such problems were created by unstructed industrialization, urbanization and immigration. As well as, the unfavorable distribution of power and wealth. Progressives believed strongly that problems such as these needed immediate action. Progressives existed in churches, organized labor, local political life, organizationsRead MorePoverty Is Not Only An Individual Problem2983 Words   |  12 Pagessupporting; the condition of being poor. The condition of poverty plagues many American families. According to the Census bureau, 15.1 percent of the United States population falls below the poverty threshold. 15.1 percent does not draw the same effect as the actual 46.6 million individuals living in those circumstances. In the United States, poverty has become a growing problem. There are 15 million more people living in poverty today than in the year 2000 (U.S. Bureau of the Census 2013). TheRead MoreThe Conflicting Tensions Of The Juvenile Justice System3706 Words   |  15 Pages The Conflicting Tensions of the Juvenile Justice System Alisa Koyama SW 500 University of Washington During the Progressive Era - a period of industrialization, capitalism, and stratification of the class system - reformers helped establish the juvenile justice system as a way to decrease the rising juvenile crimes while also maintaining the dignity of the ‘uncontaminated’ and therefore deserving youth (Platt, 1977; Peirce, 1869). However, in reality, the complicated nature of working withRead MoreFactors Affecting The United States4403 Words   |  18 Pagesmost of American life: politically, culturally, financially, and economically. African Americans from the South: The cities grew at a tremendous rate. In some cases, some cities doubled their population every decade. For example, in the 1920s, Chicago s urban black population grew by 148 percent; Cleveland s by 307 percent; Detroit s by 611 percent. (Cengage MindTap, n.p.). A number of reasons brought about the movement of African Americans to northern cities from the south. First and perhapsRead MoreBoyer Dbq Teacher Guide10764 Words   |  44 Pagesof American home and family life between 1815 and 1860. The structure of the question provides three topics that can be used as a template for structuring the lines of analysis in their essays—westward expansion, the market economy, and early industrialization. A glance at the chronology sections in the textbook that conclude Chapters 9 and 11 should serve to demonstrate that numerous changes occurred relating to each of these topics. The concepts of social class and regional difference can be usedRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesANSI Z39.48-1992 Printed in the United States of America 2 4 6 8 9 7 5 3 1 C ONTENTS Introduction Michael Adas 1 1 World Migration in the Long Twentieth Century †¢ Jose C. Moya and Adam McKeown 9 †¢ 2 Twentieth-Century Urbanization: In Search of an Urban Paradigm for an Urban World †¢ Howard Spodek 53 3 Women in the Twentieth-Century World Bonnie G. Smith 83 4 The Gendering of Human Rights in the International Systems of Law in the Twentieth Century †¢ JeanRead MoreHistory of Social Work18530 Words   |  75 Pages-1900 1889 1898 1897 Chancellor Bismarck of a newly united Germany introduces first national health insurance system. Royal Commission on the Relations of Labor and Capital reported on conditions for workers in the Dominion of Canada. In Chicago, Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr open Hull House, which becomes one of the most influential social settlement houses in the United States. The first school for social workers is established. The New York School of Philanthropy (later to become theRead MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 PagesOF MARKETING MANAGEMENT: The evolution of marketing is composed of a series of responses to major external challenges. Pre industrial marketing, based around craft production and personal relationships with local customers, was challenged by the urbanization and mechanization of the industrial revolution. The industrial era created expanding markets which required an emphasis on production, logistics and selling to get the goods to the customer. In the late 19 50s, the challenge of increasingly saturated

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The History of Abortion - 2408 Words

Abortion is the process of intentionally ending a pregnancy. Abortion touches the hearts of many because its consequences result in the loss of a human life. Its controversy stems from the fact that people’s opinions on this matter are rooted in their value systems, religious beliefs, and political socialization. Its prominence in political discussions today is likely to continue given the relationship between unwanted pregnancies and overpopulation. There is often debate about the constitutionality of abortion, as it is not specifically addressed by any doctrine. As a result, there has never been an explicit national law enacted. This paper will explore the many facets of abortion. For organizational purposes, it will first provide†¦show more content†¦This method is highly controversial and even illegal in some states. As a last resort, a hysterectomy may be performed. In this process, incisions are made in the abdomen and the fetus is removed. In some cases, the baby has been born alive in spite of using this method. Constitutionality of Abortion The first major case in the scope of abortions was Griswold v. Connecticut in 1964. In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that a state’s ban on the use of contraceptives to prevent pregnancy violated a married couple’s right to privacy. Estelle Griswold, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of Connecticut, was found guilty of providing illegal contraceptives and appealed the case to the Supreme Court. The law did not only apply to married couples, but also unmarried as well. It was also called into question under the jurisdiction that it violated justice and liberty rights of an individual. The main argument in this case overall was the violation of a couple’s right to privacy. Although this case is not directly associated with abortion, it was an important staple in establishing a â€Å"couples right to privacy† and contradicting catholic views about sexual health and contraceptives. The most well known case in the progression of abortion laws has been Roe v. Wade in 1973. This was a case in which the Supreme Court ruled that states could not enact abortion laws that prohibited a woman from getting an abortion unlessShow MoreRelatedThe History of Abortion764 Words   |  4 PagesAbortion is a medical practice to terminate a womans pregnancy in the first 3 months. The history of abortion starts father before the pinnacle case of Roe v Wade in 1973. The supreme court made it legal to get an abortion and this is seen as an important turning point for the american health care policies for women. Before this court case to render it legal it had been performed for thousands of years and in every society known. It was legal when settlers first came to the united states beforeRead More History Of Abortion Essay1019 Words   |  5 Pages The History of Abortion nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy before birth. An abortion results in the death of the embryo or fetus and may be either spontaneous or induced. For years, abortion has been an extremely controversial subject. The history of abortion reaches back not just decades, but centuries, and even milleniums. Today, policies regarding legal abortion in the U.S. is being debated everywhere. Many myths and misconceptionsRead MoreThe History of Abortion and Its Effects2555 Words   |  11 PagesAbortion is the conclusion of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to viability. It can also happen unconsciously, which is known as a â€Å"miscarriage.† For centuries the Church accepted abortion and the law did not punish it. Anti-abortion laws began in the United States in the 19th century and in the 20th century many states banished abortion. Abortion laws have been passed for many reasons such as the concern for womenà ¢â‚¬â„¢s health, the need of medical professionRead MoreA Quick History Of Abortion Pills1218 Words   |  5 Pagesquick history of abortion pills and how they came to be comes from WebMD. The top drug used for abortions is mifepristone also known as RU-486. Testing of the drug began in 1983 when the FDA issued a permit. Jan. 1993 President Clinton asked for the FDA to reconsider their import ban. In 1994-1995 the Population Council the U.S. patent rights for mifepristone, and clinical trials began. In September 1996 the FDA issued an approval for RU-486 to be used as a safe alternative to surgical abortion, butRead MoreAbortion : A Long And Dangerous History1532 Words   |  7 PagesAbortion has had a long and dangerous history that is seldomly talked about even today. Recently recognized as a right to women and their bodies, abortion was not an option for most women in the nineteenth century. Prior to Roe v. Wade, there was a system designed to give men control over women†™s biological nature to have children. This created legislation that allowed men to dictate when the birthing process would occur, giving men power over their children and wives. Legislation aimed at women’sRead MoreEssay on History of Abortion508 Words   |  3 Pagesv. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, Abortion has changed its course in society. With the new decision made by the United States, abortion was now legal. Many abortions were performed before the Supreme Court decision, but the settlement made it less risky for the doctors involved. Abortion has caused society to be divided by a pro-choice group and pro-life group. Two groups with struggles that will never end. There are many different types of abortions that can be preformed. The type used dependsRead MoreA Look Into Abortion s History1322 Words   |  6 PagesA Look Into Abortion’s History Prior to 1970 abortions were illegal in the United States. It was then when the now popular Roe v. Wade case took place which saw the Supreme Court make any laws regarding the prevention of early-stage abortions unconstitutional. An abortion can be defined as an early termination of an unwanted pregnancy. As a topic of controversy there are many aspects of abortion that are constantly being debated. For example, moral and legal obligations, support from federal andRead MoreAbortion Throughout History Essay2297 Words   |  10 PagesAbortion Has No Excuse Abortion has taken the lives of more than 50 million babies since 1973 (â€Å"About Abortion†). The issue of abortion is one of the most common controversial issues in American politics and culture. In modern society, many women that have an unintended pregnancy and they result to abortion without researching other options. Abortion is not a substitute for birth control and this issue should be taken seriously. The individual woman needs to understand that by agreeing to have anRead MoreEssay on History of Abortion in the United States963 Words   |  4 Pages1820 abortion was legal and practiced, despite the fact that it was a dangerous procedure and more often than not resulted in the death of the mother. it wasnt until after 1821 that abortion started to become regulated and laws were set in place (lewis 2011). in 1879 the first law to be set up was in Connecticut, it was targeted towards merchants that sold poisons to cause miscarriages and drugs to prevent pregnancy and banned the use of the products. By the late 1800s even though abortion was illegalRead More History Of Abortion In The Court Essay1592 Words   |  7 Pages Abortion. The word alone provokes strong emotion in both women and men alike. Roe v. Wade was decided twenty five years ago, but still the fight is not over. Instead, there are mass rallies, bombings of abortion clinics, murders of doctors and workers at such clinics, intimidation, arrest, political lobbying, and numerous Supreme Court cases. What is it that divides families, and keeps old friends from speaking to one another on the topic? Why are opinions so polarized and why are minds so closed

Concept of Learning Essays - 973 Words

THE CONCEPT OF LEARNING Kaplan University SS124-29 Professor Missy Madden-Schlegel September 26, 2010 Learning is defined as an experience that produces lasting change in the mind of the person receiving the knowledge. Learning can be conscious as in memorizing scriptures from the bible and unconscious as in something happening without any deliberate efforts (Schacter et. al., 2009). From an education standpoint, learning can also involve helping people by giving information that they can use in life. For the purposes of psychology, learning is considered a change in behavior. In the case of Adam and Teri as described in the text, their learning occurred on the day their daughter turned one; September 11, 2001. They†¦show more content†¦It was not necessary for Margie to touch the stove because she saw that it was the wrong thing to do. She observed the negative impact it had on her brother when he touched it. If the results had been favorable for Rodney, I believe Margie would have imitated whatever her brother did. In looking at how observational learning occurs in regards to the Bobo experiment, I see that after observing the adult model behave aggressively with the Bobo doll, the children behaved in like manner. They too were very aggressive with the doll – kicking it, punching and jumping on it. This was the result of no direct reinforcement from anyone. Bandura’s idea that for observational learning to occur one must give attention to the behavior, retain the observation of the behavior, have the motor skills to carry it out and also have the motivation to do so is true. †¢ Give Attention: In order to learn something it is necessary to pay attention to what is going on. It is important for the observer to identify with some characteristics of the observed as I mentioned earlier – it makes it easier to pay attention and to retain the behavior. †¢ Retain Observation: It is also important to retain what is observed so it can be remember at some later time; especially if not allowed to repeat the behavior right a way. †¢ Have Motor Skills: The key here is that theShow MoreRelatedThe Concept Of Organizational Learning1300 Words   |  6 Pages Employing professionals and engaging them in organizational learning not only strengthens their skills and mastery of their professions, but also creates a competitive advantage. Organizations do not magically develop into learning organizations. As organizations mature over time, they often lose their ability to be innovative as their structure and ways of thinking become set. Changes developed to remedy problems more often than not become temporary only to re-emerge in the future. In orderRead MoreThe Concept Of Learning Process1449 Words   |  6 Pages3. LEARNING PROCESS APPROACH David Korten stated the concept of learning process in 1980. According to him, the process of learning is continuous and involved not only planners and implementers, but rural people. The goal of this approach is to develop capabilities through developing ideas, for making-decisions and creating continual innovations. The process includes the areas of technology and organization or even a mix of both. The learning process serves an alternative to the blueprint approachRead MoreThe Concept of Lifelong Learning715 Words   |  3 Pagesacross the U.S. now have venues for lifelong learning opportunities. For example, Mount Wachusett Community College in rural Massachusetts offers a range of courses geared to the adult learner, including beginning ukulele, iPad basics, gardening, web design and more. The concept of lifelong learning opens people to possibilities and challenges that were once limited primarily to the halls of educational institutions. People now understand that learning does not have to stop just because they haveRead MoreAn Concept Of A Learning Disability1673 Words   |  7 PagesFirstly, it is interesting the concept of a learning disability individuals think of immediately which is a dysfunction of the human brain not quite working correctly. Learning disabilities unfortunately come in all shapes and sizes; they do not end with human beings but can extend into an organization as well. Organizational learning disabilities are flaws such as lack of communication or a bridge in the gap which some type of operational system is not quite working properly. In addition, the thoughtRead MoreLearning Concepts and Research Approaches1337 Words   |  6 Pagesbenefit from the human capacity to learn. This effort requires a description of the concept of learning, distinguishing between learning and performance, and a comparison/contrast of the conceptual approaches to the study of learning. Whereas learning affects behavior, understanding how people lear n and adapt can enable productive learning and may facilitate enhanced lifespan development. Concept of Learning Learning involves gathering information through sensory processing of stimuli and the behavioralRead MoreA Study On Teaching And Learning Concept1576 Words   |  7 PagesTeaching/Learning Concept There is some debate about whether great teachers are born or made. Parker Palmer believed that it is â€Å"the human heart†¦ [not] technique†, which is the source of a good teacher (Penn, 2008, p. 22). Contrarily, a study done by Dr. Sean Ruday Dr. Peter Wiens for the journal Issues in Teacher Education, found that specific innate personality traits were not necessary to be a good teacher, rather engaging and relevant work and structure and organization (Longwood UniversityRead MoreConcept Learning And Language Development867 Words   |  4 Pageswere never left without support, and at the time were being encouraged to move to the new knowledge which was the ability to report instructions for making a fruit salad. This is underpinned by Smyth (2003) who suggests that good planning for concept learning and language development will ensure that all pupils always move from activities with a high degree of contextual support, such as real objects and pictures, to those which are less contextually supported in these ways. At this higher level,Read MoreThe Learning Organization Concept And Perspectives2130 Words   |  9 Pages3- The learning organization concept and perspectives learning organizations (LO) May also be outlined as businesses where persons continually spread out their capability to fully grasp the outcome they truly want, the place new and wide configurations of considering are developed, the place cooperative ambition is emancipated, and where individuals are constantly finding out to see the entirety collectively. The major groundwork for such firms is that in instances of quick change best these whichRead MoreThe Concept Of E Learning Inclusion Into An Education Essay1555 Words   |  7 PagesThe Concept of e-learning inclusion into an education begins with the teacher and the manner in which they teach. A simple explanation of the view is that the teacher is the final authority and source of knowledge.The problem for many teachers is transition of teaching in manner than accommodate the use of technology. Mining how they have previously been teaching with the use of technology which gives birth to e-learning. In e-learning, Technology is simply a mean that teachers may use in differentRead MoreGrasping Learning Concepts in Different Ways1167 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Grasping Learning Concepts in Different Ways When students reach college, or higher education schools, the professor’s desire to accommodate students starts to decline, especially with caring about the way that their students learn differently. The inability of higher education to accommodate students with different learning styles is an unavoidable issue. Every student learns differently, but you can group the learning styles into four main categories: visual learning (learn by seeing), auditory

Three Major Achievements of the Ancient American Peoples free essay sample

Before the European’s began to explore the Americas, people were already living in them. Groups such as the Mayas, Olmecs, and Incas lived in these lands. Their civilizations made many major achievements. Like all creatures, the peoples had to adapt to their surroundings. They found ways to live in demanding environments. The Moche lived in the dry Peruvian desert, which is broken by rivers. The Moche built a very elaborate system of irrigation canals that took the water from these rivers to their dry land. This made the soil fertile, and easy to plant on. This achievement gave the Moche peoples food such as corn, avacado, and peanuts to survive on. After the Moche empire fell, the Inca came into power. The Inca brought the Andes together by building stone highways. Over 10, 000 miles of roads were built by these people. Every day 150 miles would be built. These highways along with Inca rulers helped keep the Inca empire together for a long time, but nothing great can last forever. We will write a custom essay sample on Three Major Achievements of the Ancient American Peoples or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page After the decline of the Incas, the Olmec came into power. Once the Olmecs lost power a very prosperous group by the name of the Mayas came into power. The Mayas made many important accomplishments. Other than building 80 great cities, the Maya created a calendar, very similar to the one we use today. This 365-day solar calendar was very practical. It was used for electing new leaders, such as we do, and also used to figure out the best time to plant crops, such as we use seasons. While studying ancient history, we often tend to focus on Europe, and Europe only. It is important to learn the achievements of other people. While everything in Europe was going on, other people in other parts of the world were making accomplishments of their own. These accomplishments have contributed much to the way we live today.

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The Report Showing the Functionality and Working of DBMS

Question: Discuss about The report showing the functionality and working of DBMS ? Answer: The report is showing the functionality and working of DBMS (Database Management System) and DSS (Decision Support System). The Database Management System used in the assignment is MS Access while the Decision Support System used is MS Excel. In Database Management System, queries and reports are created. The Database Management System gives facility to get the requested data very quickly. The user can see the data reports and can see the summarized data at any time without time delay. Similarly, the Decision Support System gives so many features and facilities. It provides lots of built in functions, macros etc. to solve complex queries very easily and in less time. Database Management System The Database Management System is the most powerful tool which works to make the functional and working software to get the expected database results. The complex data can be easily extracted with the Database Management System. The complex data cannot be maintained by other file system tools to achieve a better performance. The Database Management System is the best choice. Relational Database The Relational database Management System works on the entities which get related with each other for better performance. The Relational database provides the query tools which can be used to make queries and helps in fetching the results very easily. The database integrity and simplicity can be maintained in the RDBMS very easily with the help of database relations. Exactness of Database Management System (DBMS) The database of Dr. John Smiths business is very large. The Database Management System is the most suitable option as it keeps the records separately in the database. The large data is very difficult to extract exact results on the users requirement, but the Database Management System helps in extracting the required results very easily. The past records can be easily maintained with the help of Database Management System. Exactness of Relational Database The requirements of the Dr. John Smiths business are very high like integrity, data reports, data retrieval etc. All can be fulfilled by the relational database management system. Different types of queries can be used in the relational database management system like select query, join query etc. The normalization is the most powerful feature of the relational database management system which helps to make a better database system. Database Query Database queries are the best way to get data as per users demand. There are three queries implemented in Dr. John Smiths businesss database. First query is demonstrating the customers late dispatch orders that live in South Australia or Victoria. Second query is increasing the cost prize NZ by 9.95 % of the items that are not in stock but are regimented by customers. Third query is demonstrating the customers invoices who ordered the TARDIS items and who do not live in New South Wales and Victoria. Database Report The report that implemented in the database management system is customer invoice report. It is demonstrating the customers invoices who ordered the TARDIS items and who do not live in New South Wales and Victoria. ( n.d.) (Paul Litwin n.d.) Decision Support System The Decision Support System is the system that maintains the large data and gives lots of features and functions to access that data with very efficiently. It gives the opportunity to compare the data from different sheets and can merge the data on specific conditions. It is very robust and powerful tool that gives the opportunity of programming also. There are two types of Decision Support Systems available- Programming and Non-programming. MS Excel, the Decision Support Systems is used in Dr. John Smiths business. It gives options to work programmatically and non- programmatically both. In macros, the user can make programs to do specific work while simple work can be done with the help of built in or user defined functions. Exactness of Decision Support System (DSS) The Decision Support System is the right tool to work on large data. The data is very large and cannot be accessed without proper storage and facilities. The Decision Support System provides lots of features and functions like sum, average, IF, LOOKUP etc. to solve complex queries. The data is stored in row, column format and calculations can be performed on it. As per the price, the cost of the Decision Support System is very reasonable. All organizations can purchase it very easily. Complex calculations can be easily done with the help of built in functions. The Decision Support System is very good and appropriate as it lessen the man power in organizations. It replaces the man power by its power and provides facility to work accurately and quickly. The Decision Support System is very good and appropriate as it is highly secured. The administrator can use credentials on Decision Support System and can allow to only selecting members to use the Decision Support System by giving proper user id and password. The Decision Support System is very supportive also. It supports most of the operating systems e.g. it supports all versions of Windows like 98, 2010 etc. Mark-up Type The mark-up is very important as it affects the selling price. The mark-up type should be selected very carefully as it affects the customers choice and business growth as well. There are 2 types of mark-ups- Supplier and Store. The store mark-up is selected in Dr. John Smiths business as it is good for its business. The mark-up directly influence the customers. The price of products depends upon the mark-up percent and therefore customers decision always matters upon the mark up. It should be chosen correctly by the owner to attract the customers by lowering the selling price. Impact of Discount The discount is the good way to attract the customers but it should be given carefully as there may be big loss if the discount is given on more things that are latest. It should be given wisely that the customers get attracted towards the products and the business will increase definitely. It is the good practise to increase the business growth. Organizations should give discount on specific occasions to sell the old products and to increase the business growth. Suggested Freight The Freight is also important factor in every business. The Lethbridge-Stewart Transport Freight is good for the business of Dr. John Smith. The Lethbridge-Stewart Transport Freight is growing day by day and most of the countries are using this freight because of its low budget and good response. The low cost of fright automatically decrease the selling price and indirectly attract the customers towards the business. The freight cost increases the cost price of items and directly affects the business profit. If the selling price cannot be increased, in that case the complete freight cost affects the business profit. Therefore, the freight type should be chosen very carefully. Suggested Country The import country should be chosen very carefully as the import export duty reflects the selling price. If the import export duty is less, the selling price will be automatically less and it will be good for the business growth. Ireland is the good choice for the business of Dr. John Smith as the Ireland has less import export duty and has good communication and terms with other neighbour countries. Important Factors Considered in Import The factors that should be considered while import is following- Shipping charges, freight charges, cost of products etc. The sale of business depends upon these factors and if all the above mentioned charges are less, the selling price will be less automatically and it will definitely increase the sale of business. Conclusion The DBMS (Database Management System) and DSS (Decision Support System) are discussed in the report. The DBMS is implemented in part A and the DSS is implemented in part B. There are lots of factors and features provided by DBMS like queries, reports etc. All are mentioned in the report. The DBMS provides good way to access the large data and to show the exact results as per the users demand. In the same way, there are lots of factors and features provided by DSS like functions, macros etc. All are mentioned in the report. The DSS provides good way to access the large data and to make large and complex calculations on the provided data. In DSS, the user can see the reflection of changes in one sheet to all the connected places. It is the best thing of DSS, that the user can make summary report at one place by connecting different sheets data. The report is discussing about the freight cost, appropriate country for import / export, effects of mark-up type, effects of discount etc. After studying this report, the reader can easily get the idea about DBMS and DSS both. It is giving full knowledge about appropriateness of DBMS and DSS. References n.d., Third Normal Form, [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 10-May-2017] Paul Litwin n.d., Fundamentals of Relational Database Design, [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 10-May-2017]